Solar PV Quality Assurance

The Association for Renewable Energy Practitioners is committed to:

  1. A growing and changing knowledge base
  2. Promoting solar installations that comply to local and international standards
  3. Supporting installers committed to providing quality installations and services.
  4. Providing a quality assurance programme applicable to the complete solar PV value chain

What is a Quality Assurance Platform?

A “Quality Assurance (QA)” platform aims to ensure that companies and individuals subscribing to the QA platform, do good quality work and through this commitment quality is assured. Quality Assurance platforms provide a way for end users to feel re-assured of the level of competence and commitment of installers who subscribe to these platforms to deliver good quality products and services.

Ensure your installer knows what they are doing by insisting on a performance certificate or at least an AREP Level 2 test certificate.

AREP is host to the P4 platform which tests knowledge and competence on a variety of levels. See the image below for more information regarding the various levels.

P4 Online Platform

This QA Platform is online