Solar Specialist Platform P4 Level 1

“Level 1” is a class room based solar PV test and can be taken throughout South Africa at a number of test stations, see the calender for more detail, dates and venues. This test starts your solar journey and a lifetime of learning. This is an open book test as it compliments a learning environment and promotes research and learning.

At “Level 1” there are 10 categories in the test

Test Categories

  1. Electrical Theory
  2. Irradiation
  3. Efficiency
  4. Module Technology
  5. Handling & Transporting Modules
  6. Batteries
  7. Standards
  8. Calculations
  9. System Sizing
  10. Drawings and diagrams

Principles being tested

The Questions in the test cover the following principles. Candidates writing the test with a good knowledge of the following principles should be able to pass the test.

  1. Electrical Theory
    1. Measuring Current flow
    2. Understanding and calculating Series and parallel
    3. Data sheets descriptions
    4. AC vs DC
  2. Irradiation
    1. The solar constant
  3. Efficiency
    1. Solar PV Technology vs Solar Thermal Technology
  4. Module Technology
    1. An understanding and knowledge of the Impact of partial shading
    2. STC & NOCT
    3. Understanding Data sheets
  5. Handling & Transporting Modules
    1. Transportation
    2. Standing on modules
    3. Fixing modules to mounting structures
    4. Cleaning modules
  6.  Batteries
    1. Depth of Discharge
    2. Thermally Insulating batteries
  7.  Standards
    1. Who can issue a Certificate of Compliance
    2. Introduction to NRS standards
    3. Neutral Earth Bond & Earth leakages
  8.  Calculations
    1. Basic Ohm’s Law
    2. Basic Series and Parallel
  9. System Sizing
    1. Load profile
    2. According to NRS
  10. Drawings and diagrams
    1. Follow instructions and draw a basic circuit diagram

Level 1 is a 1 hour test with an 80% pass rate requirement.

Preparation for the test

Most candidates display varying levels of skill and theoretical knowledge. Some installers have attended multiple courses and others may have spent countless hours doing research without having ever attended any courses. Disparate research and training activities have resulted in consumers not really being able to distinguish between knowledgeable, experienced and or hoax contractors. The SSP is a scale-able quality assurance platform that allows all stakeholders to participate in the initiative.

Most training providers that offer training for solar PV installers, should be able to provide the required information within their training material in order for students to pass the test. For a list of training centres aligned to the curriculum of AREP, please contact us via e-mail.