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The Itukise (Internship for Unemployed Graduate Programme) was established to provide relevant work experience to unemployed graduates through internship and in-service training programmes. The programme (Itukise) was conceptualised by the Special Economic Zones and Economic Transformation Division (SEZ&ET) under the Dti (Department of Trade and Industry).

In an effort to stimulate growth in the Renewable Energy Sector The Association for Renewable Energy Practitioners have opted to promote the Itukise programme. In time, this programme could provide much needed skills for the growing Renewable Energy sector.

Ditsebi Solutions (Pty) Ltd, is appointed by the Dti to manage the Itukise project. The aim is to place 1200 unemployed young graduates between 18 to 35 years of age in the manufacturing, state-owned and private sector enterprises to enable relevant work experience.


  1. The Skills for the Economy unit conceptualised the Itukise programme, and applied for the required funding to implement it.
  2. The Dti sources internship placements for unemployed graduates from enterprises that need to expand their teams or recruit new talent.
  3. Ditsebi Solutions (Pty) Ltd administers stipend payment for the placed interns.
  4. Participating enterprises are required to sign a memorandum of agreement with Ditsebi implementing Itukise on behalf of the Dti.


  1. Interns/in-service trainees should not be recruited as replacement for permanent/contract employees
  2. Requisition forms must be completed per company and sent to Ditsebi Solutions (Pty) Ltd for consideration and recommendation
  3. Work assignments should be planned in advance by the employer as work experience should relate to the field of study of the graduates/in-service trainees.
  4. The outcome of the programme must be that the Interns/in-service trainees have gained relevant work experience commensurate with their field of study and a better understanding of the Labour Market.
  5. A designated mentor should oversee the work and development activities of the Interns and record progress.
  6. Participation in the internship programme shall be through a competitive and transparent Process.


Itukise interns will earn a stipend depending on the category of their internship. Below is a summary of stipend according to recommendations made by the Dti.

  • In-service Trainees (R 3,500 per month paid by Ditsebi Solutions (Pty) Ltd)
  • Interns (R 5,000 per month paid by Ditsebi Solutions (Pty) Ltd)
  • Professional Engineering Trainees (R 7,000 per month paid by Ditsebi Solutions (Pty) Ltd)


  1. Interested companies must complete the intern’s request form and host employer assessment form and then submit the forms via e-mail to:
  2. All communication concerning the Itukise Internship will be directed to a dedicated person identified within the company hosting the intern.
  3. The company that has submitted the application will be informed whether they qualify to host Itukise Interns and if so, how many interns the company qualifies to host.
  4. Once approval has been received, Download the Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA). The dedicated contact person should complete and sign the MOA.
  5. Continue registration by filling in the online registration form and attach the signed MOA. Click submit once form has been completed and MOA has been attached.

Register as Employer

Employers need to complete the following two forms

Register as Intern

Interns need to complete the applicable form