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The Solar Specialist Platform aims to promote the quality of installations and access to data.

The SSP has 4 levels catering for sales, design, installation and engineering teams. Start with Level 1 and grow with the sector to become a Solar Specialist.

Welcome to the test page!

Below, we have provided a shortened version of the terms and conditions relevant to this test or range of tests. For a full copy of the AREP – ‘PV Quality Assured’ terms and conditions please follow the link.

  1. There are three tests in this range, all three are different and all three have a time limit of one hour. On the first attempt the candidate will only be writing test one of three.
  2. Should the candidate fail the first attempt, the second attempt will give access to test number two, etc. There is a one week waiting period between attempts to allow candidates to prepare, study or update their knowledge.
  3. Should the candidate fail the first three attempts, he/she will be required to attend a course prior to gaining access to the second round of tests. Candidates failing the second round of tests will be required to submit a portfolio of experience proving their involvement in at least three PV installations.
  4. Candidates taking the test have to agree to the AREP terms and conditions.
  5. Once agreed to, candidates will be taken to a registration page which need to be completed.
  6. Names will be screened against previous tests or attempts and an e-mail with a password & link will be sent via mail.
  7. At this stage the screening process is manual and the approval will normally be completed within 7 days.
  8. The test is available in two formats
    1. Downloadable as an app to a tablet or mobile device
    2. Online
  9. The allocation of time for the test is sixty minutes. If your internet connection is intermittent, please download the app.
  10. Once the timer has started the test app cannot be paused, but, the online test can be paused. Candidates should ensure that they have time to complete the test if you prefer using the app.
  11. On average, most candidates have managed to complete the test in under 30 minutes.
  12. For more information about the test and what it offers please read the Full terms and conditions.
  13. Good luck!!

Quick Test Statistics

Solar PV technology theoretical knowledge and practical principles are tested through this test / range of tests. Any candidate who feels that they have the requisite knowledge in order to pass the test, may register to write the test. The different Level Tests all have different rates or costs reflected on the test costs page.

% of candidates that pass 60%