Setting the Benchmark for solar PV installations

The P4 QA Program is an industry driven quality assurance platform for solar PV installers and designers.

The P4 is driven by-industry-for-industry and aims to set a benchmark for the Renewable Energy sector by creating a pathway for skills development, supporting job creation and ensuring quality solar PV designs and installations.

There are 4 Levels. Starting with the most basic information candidates have the opportunity to grow into a solar occupation by starting with skills development at Level C.



Level 2

Intermediate Level Test

Aimed at installers and designers


Level 1

Entry Level Test

For installers and designers


Level C

Skills Development

Covering Basic Electrical Principles

Most Installers and Designers will start at Level 1 and progress from there. Level 0 is focused on the un-skilled and labour market.

Where do I start?

P4 has 3 levels, making provision for new entrants to learn while doing installations and for seasoned individuals to display their level of expertise.

What does it cost?

Tests and QA standards are industry driven, costs are kept low to motivate participation and knowledge growth.

How do I prepare for a test?

Simply look at the framework of what is being tested and ensure you understand the basic principles associated with each category.

Where do i write?

Theoretical tests are mainly offered online for ease of use and allows results being made available immediately after having taken the assessments.


Training institutions can get involved by offering training to prepare candidates for the various levels of tests.

EPC’s can get involved by offering opportunities for new contractors to gain experience.

Participating Suppliers / Distributors