1. Overview / Summary
  2. Engineering
  3. Administration, Accounting & Business Development
  4. Sales
  5. Technical
  6. Occupational Health & Safety
  7. Academic
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  1. Overview / Summary

A study was done to determine which services were required in the solar sector as at November 2018. Any job offer and job description where the word “solar” formed part of the description and/or skills or experience requirements were included in the source data for the report. The aim of the report is to provide a summarised overview of positions, the respective skills requirement as well as location of where these skills are required. Where possible, levels of remuneration and required level of education are included in the report. 116 Job Vacancies were scrutinised and duplicates identified were removed, resulting in more than 80 unique job positions available for the solar PV sector as at November 2018. Only positions advertised in South Africa formed part of the study. All available positions were broken down into 6 categories:

  1. Engineering
  2. Administration, Accounting & Business Development
  3. Sales
  4. Technical
  5. Occupational Health and Safety
  6. Academic

No matter what kind of job you are applying for, and how you intend providing evidence of your experience, one way to provide evidence of your level of knowledge of solar PV as a technology is by providing a Test Certificate obtained through the Association for Renewable Energy Practitioners. It’s online and the first attempt is free.

  1. Engineering

A total of 11 vacancies were posted in November 2018. Positions advertised in this sector focused primarily on candidates with a B Engineering field of study with electrical engineering as a discipline. Candidates would also be considered with a B.Sc and B. Tech. Only two positions considered a candidate with a national diploma. Other disciplines considered by the employer included, Mechatronics, Mechanical and Civil Engineering. The majority of positions required 5-10 years’ experience in the solar PV sector. The Western Cape and Gauteng were the provinces with the highest allocation of 5 and 4 positions respectively. Salaries ranged between R15 000 and R83 000.

  • Level of StudyThe lowest level of study stipulated as a requirement for engineering positions as advertised according to this report was National Diplomas with none of the positions in this study requiring MBA’s within the engineering requirements
    • National Diplomas
    • Sc
    • Eng
    • Tech
  • DisciplinesFields or disciplines of study cited as a requirement for the engineering positions as advertised according to this report was
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Mechatronics
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Civil Engineering
  • ExperienceOne position advertised required experience in solar thermal and energy management as a pre-requisite. Most positions required 5 – 10 years’ experience in the solar PV sector.
  • RemunerationThree levels of remuneration were identified; the lowest paying remuneration level was for a Solar PV Engineer which we believe would have been for a Junior Position; although it was not expressly advertised as such. Rates advertised varied between R15k and R83k per month cost to company.
    • R15k-R25k per month for a Solar Engineer
    • R29k-R38k per month for candidate engineers **
    • R54k-R83k per month for Senior Engineering positions **Most positions were advertised in this range
  • LocationEngineering positions were predominantly located in Western Cape and Gauteng Provinces with the following breakdown
    • 5 Western Cape
    • 4 Gauteng
    • 1 Northern Cape
    • 1 Free State
  1. Administration, Accounting & Business Development

This section of the report looks at general positions that do not necessarily require knowledge of the solar PV sector, but, are placements offered by solar PV companies. The number of vacancies posted was 3. The field of study and the disciplines were relevant to a particular position, such, as the Human Resources and Reception position. The position advertised for the Cost Accountant required specific knowledge and experience of the solar PV sector. Salary ranges were not advertised. Of the positions advertised, 2 were based in the Western Cape.

  • Level of StudyFields or disciplines of study cited as a requirement for the broadly administrative / accounting positions as advertised according to this report was
    • Bcom
    • Qualification relevant to position advertised
  • Disciplines
    • Receptionist
    • Human Resources Officer
    • Cost Accountant*
      * vacancies required knowledge and experience in the solar PV sector
  • Experience The receptionist position required a minimum of a Grade 12 qualification and the Human Resources require an appropriate HR qualification. The Finance Manager position required a Bcom with no specific experience in the solar sector. The Cost Accountant position required a Bcom or finance degree and specified experience with solar PV plant cost accounting. The majority of positions advertised in this segment were for Business Developers with a Bcom / MBA and experience in the solar PV sector.
  • Remuneration Remuneration was not included in the job placement adverts, however, most stated “market related salary.”
  • Location The majority of vacancies advertised are in the Western Cape. Out of the 5 Business Development positions, 4 are in the Western Cape.
    • 2 Western Cape
    • 1 North West
  1. Sales

Sales positions in the solar PV sector totaled 13. Qualifications required for these positions ranged from a Grade 12 through to degreed candidates with disciplines ranging from technical to marketing. Most positions required 5 years experience in the solar PV sector. Only 4 of the positions indicated levels of remuneration; which varied from commission-only paid positions to the highest income indicated at R15 000p.m. Of the 13 sales positions, 12 were based in Gauteng.

  • Level of Study The qualifications ranged from Grade 12 & N4, through to degree programmes. With most requiring a Btech
    • Grade 12
    • Btech
    • Degree / Diploma
  • Disciplines Study disciplines were not specifically specified for sales representative vacancies; however, most did specify at least 5 years experience. Two main disciplines included;
    • Technical qualification
    • Sales / Marketing Degree or Diploma
  • Experience On average, 5 years’ experience in a sales environment with specific solar PV experience was required.
  • Remuneration Most of the vacancies did not give an indication of salary, but did stipulate a commission as an incentive. Of the 1 of the 13 vacancies was only commission based. The salary range varied between R7000 and R15 000.
  • Location Of the 13 vacancies, the overwhelming majority of sales vacancies are in Gauteng.
    • 1 Free State
    • 12 Gauteng
  1. Technical

A total of 35 vacancies were advertised. The range of technical position was quite broad, ranging from project managers, installers through to design assistants. Of the 35 positions, 10 were for installers and 15 for project managers. Qualifications and disciplines range from degrees in electrical engineering through to technical qualifications or trade test for installers. Remuneration varied significantly for project managers, ranging from R10 000 to R90 000 depending on job specifications in the solar pv sector. Installers salary range was between R7 000 and R20 000. 15 of the vacancies were in the Western Cape with 11 in Gauteng. Installation managers, Construction Managers, Technical Managers and Project Managers were all counted as Project Managers Installers may account for Heat Pumps, Solar Geyser and or Solar PV Technology Control Room Operators, Maintenance Planners as well as a “Mechanical and Maintenance Supervisor” and Technicians were counted as installers

  • Level of StudyMost Project Manager positions required a Bsc in Electrical Engineering as the preferred field of study. Most positions for installers required some form of trade test certificate.
  • Experience Most vacancies required 5 to 10 years’ experience in the solar PV sector
  • Remuneration
Position Nr of positions Average earnings per Month
Project Management 16 R18k – R91k
Installers 10 R7k – R20k
Design Assistants 2 R10k – R30k
Legal Assistants 1 n/a
QA 1 n/a
  • LocationDesign Assistants were all based in the Western Cape Of the 10 positions advertised for installers, only 2 were based in the Western Cape. Project Managers were primarily based in the Western Cape with only 3 positions advertised in Gauteng, 2 x National and 1 position to be based in Ghana.
  1. Occupational Health & Safety

Only one position was advertised under the category of Occupational Health and Safety. This may be attributed to the nature and size of the plant in the Northern Cape.

  • Level of StudyA level of study has not been specified for this vacancy.
  • DisciplinesSamtrac and Nedbosch IGC
  • ExperienceA minimum of 5 years’ experience is required for this position in the solar PV sector or in large power generation plant, oil and gas or petrochemical facility.
  • RemunerationRemuneration for this vacancy has not been specified.
  • Location
  1. Academic

A total of 2 vacancies were advertised, ranging from a trainer to an associate professor. The qualification thus ranged from a Grade 12 to a doctoral degree. Remuneration was not specified. The position for the trainer was Gauteng based and the associate professor was Western Cape based.

  • Level of Study
    • Grade 12
    • Phd
  • Disciplines
    • SAPVIA accredited installer Relevant Doctoral Degree
  • Experience Ads covering vacancies for trainers were more flexible and did not specify any detailed experience of training. The Associate Professor / Senior lecturer / Lecturer stipulated a minimum of three years teaching experience, couple with research skills.
  • Remuneration Ads did not specify remuneration.
  • Location
    • 1 based in Gauteng
    • 1 based in the Western Cape
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