Solar PV Sales Test

The Solar PV Sales test is considered to be part of the Skills Development Series of Tests.

This test is ideal for candidates interested in becoming involved in the solar PV sector with limited knowledge and experience of electrical and or solar principles.

Electricians, engineers and experienced solar installers should start with Level 1 as the starting point.

Candidates writing the Solar PV Sales test will need to have a basic understanding and knowledge of the following categories and topics:

  1.  Batteries
    1. Battery density
    2. Battery cell construction
    3. Battery safety
  2. Bi-metallic corrosion
    1. Basic understanding of bi-metallic corrosion
  3. Electricity Basics
    1. Electron flow
    2. Conductor resistivity
    3. Electron flow
    4. Ohm’s law formula identification
    5. Series and parallel connection
    6. The basic differences between alternating current and direct current
    7. The difference between the unit for power and energy
  4. Inverters
    1. Operation
    2. Power Quality
    3. Function
  5. Irradiation
    1. Intensity of sunlight
  6. Solar Module technology
    1. Temperature co-efficients
    2. Solar module construction
    3. Visual Differences between mono and poly
    4. Solar water heating vs solar PV efficiencies
    5. Understanding solar module data sheets
  7. Standard & Regulations
    1. Certificates of compliance – Authority
    2. Certificates of compliance – compliance and mandate
    3. Certificates of compliance – Types of installations

Solar PV Sales is a 1 hour test with an 80% pass rate requirement.

Preparation for the test

Most candidates display varying levels of skill and theoretical knowledge. Some installers have attended multiple courses and others may have spent countless hours doing research without having ever attended any courses. Disparate research and training activities have resulted in consumers not really being able to distinguish between knowledgeable, experienced and or hoax contractors. The SSP is a scale-able quality assurance platform that allows all stakeholders to participate in the initiative.

Most training providers that offer training for solar PV installers, should be able to provide the required information within their training material in order for students to pass the test. Students or candidates wishing to write the test are encouraged to also do self-study and attending a specific course is not a requirement.