Association for Renewable Energy Practitioners


  • Is a behind-the-meter non-profit quality assurance organisation that aims to promote the adoption of renewable energy throughout Africa by reducing stakeholder and end-user risk and unlocking finance into the sector.
  • Is a conduit for renewable energy trade, data and installations throughout Africa.
  • Aims to keep industry informed on market trends, latest technologies, applicable standards, growth and best practice through it’s P4 quality assurance platform, reports and newsletters.

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P4 Quality Assurance Platform

The P4 Platform scores contractors involved in the PV sector on performance, knowledge and best practice. Currently five metrics are used to determine a total score which in turn predicts risk associated to a specific contractor. The lower the score the higher the risk.
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Online solar PV Test

Online PV Test

The test has an 80% pass rate. Should you fail, you will only be allowed another attempt in 1 weeks time. If you fail three attempts you will be required to attend a solar PV installer course before being allowed to take the test again. The first attempt is free of charge.
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Contacts Database

With more than 800 contractors currently operating in South Africa alone, you would want to have access to the updated list of contractors. Who does what and where do they do it.
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AREP is all about data, reports and market related information specialising in the solar PV sector throughout Africa. AREP owns the largest and most extensive database of personally owned solar PV installations in Africa consisting of more than 138 000 installations. The research methodology, covers; how data is sourced, how it is listed and the use of information in the database.

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AREP promotes access to:

Solar PV Project funders, contractors, distributors, OEM’s, consultants and other stakeholders

One of the only associations globally that has managed to link finance and quality assurance to solar PV rooftop plants.

AREP is host to the P4 platform which is a quality assurance platform providing a level of auditing and measures the risk profile of contractors through a complex matrix. Reduced project risk promotes finance, investor confidence and end user satisfaction.

Founding members
Nr of installations in our database
Nr of contractors in the database

Get Certified as a Solar PV Installer


Pass the online test

The online test has an 80% pass rate. An average of 60% of candidates attempting this test pass. Roughly 60 questions and one hour to answer them in an open book format. i.e. take the test in the comfort of your home.


Request your P4 certificate

The P4 certificate is issued only to companies or individuals that have passed the test and has a date of expiration which is linked to an active subscription.


Impress your customers

Use the P4 certificate

  1. During tender submissions as an expression of your activities in the sector.
  2. To claim reduced insurance cover on your PV installations
  3. As evidence of your level of knowledge on the topic of PV and impress your customer with the installation and after sales service.


List your installations

Listing your installations will show your potential customers what you have done as well as improving your risk score for the next P4 certificate. An improved risk score will also result in reduced insurance cover. Go ahead, listing on the AREP directory is FREE of charge.

Membership is FREE!

Yes, membership is free and it will always be free. If you don’t get any value from an industry body, it shouldn’t cost you anything. There are 5 levels of subscription, each offering access to a deeper level of data, reporting and information.

Take a look at the constitution and the association brochure included for your information below.


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Meet the Team

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Greg Blandford


Greg brings years of experience to AREP as director for one of the largest solar PV distributors in South Africa.
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Kevin Robinson


Kevin is familiar with NPO’s and technical specialist for a module OEM with responsibilities throughout Africa.

Joslynne Holtzhausen

Freelance Research Assistant

Joslynne is the source of all things related to data and assists with research
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Linda Gould


Linda provides admin support, and has a wealth of experience with NPO’s
amended photo Carel

Carel Ballack


Carel manages operations, reports and steering committees.

Founding members

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A full description of Founding members can be found in the constitution.